[BK Original Postcard] Embrace the Stillness

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In order to cultivate a dialogue with ourselves, holding onto a space to breathe is essential. I hope this beautiful design created by Emil encourages you to embrace the stillness while you comb through the world that can, sometimes, be full of noise. 

Here is what Emil shares about his design process,

"I was inspired by vintage lithograph travel posters made by printing colors separately in layers. Following this idea, I painted separate gouache layers in black and white, which I colored and layered on digitally. This method allowed me to create a variety of textures to complement the mood of each piece. The imperfect layered edges also added a feeling of vibration to the imagery.
The Travel Within series was focused on introspection, so I aimed for each piece to portray more a sense of energy rather than a specific location. Each scene is surreal, yet welcoming and familiar, like a forgotten dream brought to life."

The postcard is printed on watercolor paper that writes beautifully with various pens, including your favorite fountain pens. 

"Embrace the Stillness" is a part of the Travel Within conceptual series we took upon during the 2nd half of 2020 as we were asked to stay closer to home, resulting in us getting to know more of the authentic self. The original artwork was created by Emil in collaboration with Frido. 

Designed By: Baum-kuchen

Made In: California