[IROJITEN Color Pencils] Series 1 (Vol. 1-3)

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We adore the beautiful colors with IROJITEN Color Pencils. Colors inspired by natural elements are divided into three volumes; pale tone, vivid tone, and deep tone. Each volume represents 10 unique colors. Total of 30 color pencils. We also love that these pencils can be put away in the same way as books in the bookshelf. 

Here is some feedback from the BK team!

"Soft and smooth. It leaves a soft grain on paper. Not waxy like Prisma Colors. Good for light layering and soft blending effects." - Emil

"For me, the design is so soft and user-friendly, it makes it very enjoyable to use. Plus the colors are sorted for you already so it makes it easier to make themed or cohesive drawings." - Ame

Enjoy sketching!

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