[Lamy] 2000 MULTIPEN

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This striking multi pen featuring design elements inspired by Bauhaus design is the perfect everyday writing utensil. From the ergonomic curvature of the barrel, to the gently textured Makrolon polycarbonate body, these thoughtful details will bring joy and comfort to your writing experience. The magical main feature of the pen is in its pendulum weight engineering! Simply turn the pen or clip facing up on the color you'd like to use, press the back button and watch it extract the color you need. We love that this pen is suited for both a professional or fun/creative setting! 


Dimensions: 5.5" length (retracted) 

Materials: Makrolon polycarbonate and stainless steel
** Due to the nature and texture of the Makrolon material, your new Lamy 2000 may appear to have light gray or white streaks which is normal. This will resolve naturally over time transforming to a rich black as it comes into contact with the natural oil from your hands. 

Ink Colors: This pen comes pre-loaded with 4 ink colors (black, blue, green, and red). 

Designed By: LAMY, Germany

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