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Square Tote by ateliers PENELOPE can keep your everyday essentials organized and in place. Whether it is analogue tools on your desk, magazines and newspapers in your living room, a lunch box, or your kitchen utensils, this minimalistic canvas container/tote can fit in any room of your house as well as your favorite cafe. We enjoy combining Square Tote with their Cube container so everything in the tote is neatly organized. 

The tote folds very small when it is not in use and opens widely to become an all-accommodating bag/container as it gets filled. 

All materials are carefully sourced by ateliers PENELOPE and their artifact is made in their Tokyo studio

Materials: canvas
Please be advised that the true canvas color can slightly vary depending on your screen.

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Dimension: L6" x H6" x D6"/ handle drop: 4"
Designed and Made by: ateliers PENELOPE in Japan
Condition: New
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