TSL 2-way Backpacker in action!

TSL 2-way Backpacker in action!

We took the TSL 2-way Backpacker to the big adventure this summer. It's one thing to look pretty on the store display and curated product photoshoot but it's totally another thing for an artifact to live the real life... especially during the high demand travel with little ones. 

I carried the TSL 2-way Backpacker through the airport (carrying Coco who was totally jet lagged and heavy sleeping) and it was so great to have my hands free. It was my carry-on bag for the flight. It held all our important documents, my 13" laptop and travel sketchbooks for all of us. I loved that it opened wide on the top so I was able to access everything I needed in the tiny airplane seat without worrying all the contents spilling out. Frido and I took the bag to the day trip in Hamburg city... on my back while we fast walked through the beautiful city. Backpack held our precious stationery treasures we found in the city. We took the backpacker to the beach adventure in South of France. The inside of the backpack got totally sandy but I shook the bag off upside down and it was ready to go for another day. Then we dragged the backpack to the Italian beach so we can collect beautiful pebbles in the outside leather pocket.

Aside from how awesome the bag looks, my favorite thing about the bag is that it sits upright on the floor and I can access the contents really easily. And it feels sturdy and comfortable on my back when I carry it. (The felt on the shoulder straps help!)

The only downside is that if I carry the bag as a tote in my hand, the shoulder straps tend to drag on the floor. So I would have to lift it pretty high as a tote. It hasn't bothered me because I rarely grab them by the top handle and when I do use the top handle, it's when I need to quickly pick up the bag off the floor because kids are ready to move on to next place and I am picking myself up (and the bag to put it on my shoulder) or I am dragging the bag out of an overhead compartment on the airplane. 

I am excited that we will be carrying very curated color/material combination of the 2-way Backpacker. The Khaki canvas with navy paint fits in so many scenes and we are currently waiting for black canvas with nude leather combination to arrive!


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