Proportional to a Human Scale // Love Letter, April 2024

Proportional to a Human Scale // Love Letter, April 2024

Greetings from the (finally sunny) canyon. It has been one rainy season for us here in Southern California. I am grateful to be soaking up some warmth on my face. 

This past week, our family took a much-needed break to immerse ourselves in the nature of California's Central Coast and a community of like-minded earth-rooted folks. This earth-skill gathering brought together over 200 people of all ages. Over six off-grid days, we camped, shared meals, huddled around the fire, and learned new skills together. There was a lot of in-between downtime when I just sat on the grass near the communal fire, closed my eyes, and listened. The chorus of mechanical and motorized sounds is constant in my everyday life in Los Angeles, including cars, airplanes, refrigerators, and dishwashers. So, at first, I felt a little strange, maybe even uncomfortable, due to the absence of those sounds. But by the afternoon of the 2nd day, I realized that kids’ laughter replaced the void of automobile engine muffling as they played the never-ending game of tag. The beautiful rhythm of “pok pok pok” filled the other corner while a small group of people sitting on the ground was learning how to make an instrument using a Yucca tree and was hammering sticks as a process. All these human-scale sounds became new music to my ear and blended harmoniously in this tiny living village. My heart relaxed, and so did my body. 

Many years ago, when I was starting my design career, someone mentioned that she wanted her work output to be proportional to her existence on this earth. I still think about that often. When the majority of the world seems to value bigger, faster, and more convenient, how do I steady myself so I can move through life at a human pace? 

I am grateful that Trina offered to interview me for her Notebook People project. Our paths have intertwined in such a serendipitous way through our love for analogue. I am humbled that the way of BK and our family has resonated with her over many years. 

After receiving great feedback on MOSS Series #1, we are gearing up for the second season. The new season will focus on finding stillness in observing and appreciating desktop landscapes. (Perfect for analogue enthusiasts, right?) So please stay tuned for an update from us.

Lastly, we will welcome a seasonal pause of Truly Yours service at the end of April. You can find more about the announcement here, so please read the page carefully if you are interested in receiving service in the near future. We will not be taking any new Truly Yours orders after the end of April while we pause. 

I hope the emergence of warmth and sunnier days will feed your soul over the next few weeks. Until next time:)


always a work in progress...

Topanga // April 3rd, 2024

**This is from our BK Love Letter for April 2024. If you would like to see the entire love letter we sent to our community, you can browse it via this link.


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