"EMBARK" // Love Letter, July 2023

"EMBARK" // Love Letter, July 2023

We are tidying up artwork on our dining room wall, and I slipped a piece of paper that was a part of the wall for this past year into my notebook, so I thought I would share. The word reads as "EMBARK," and it's for; 

Empathy, Mindfulness, Boundaries, Awareness, Respect, and Kindness.

Our kids learned about this during their nature immersion class last year - as something to remember when they explore the wilderness. I am sure they served well as they climbed rocks, jumped into a swimming hole, and made paint from natural materials along with other nature-loving kids. After being on the road for three weeks, crossing different states from the West to the East Coast, the sense of newness, change, and a fresh start is in the air. It's tempting for me to jump right back in with life, but I am going in with caution, or perhaps more with the mindset of "EMBARK." 

Will you be adding special stickers to your monthly calendar as A.C. is experimenting this year so far on their JIYU Planner? Will you use self-reflective writing to care for yourself, as in Trina's wonderful interview with Gregory? The soft skill that is practical and essential in the nature immersion program for kids is also beneficial in the grown-up world in the city. So I wonder, as summertime stretches out, how will you deploy the sense of "EMBARK" today? 

If you have any ideas, I would love to hear from you! 


always a work in progress...

Topanga // July 5h, 2023

**This is from our BK Love Letter for July 2023. If you would like to see the entire love letter we sent to our community, you can browse it via this link.


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