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BK Birthday Catalog

BK Birthday Catalog
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We are so thrilled to share the launch of 10th-year anniversary artifacts with you!

Since we are currently not able to showcase our beloved artifacts in person, our team has poured labor of love into creating the very first BK catalog that will walk you through the possibility of these artifacts. I'm beyond proud of our talented team crafting these contents with so much passion and care as they do with everything at BK. In our birthday catalog, there are stories of artifacts as well as BK and partners. You can browse our birthday catalog by downloading our printer-friendly PDF file or by scrolling down this page.

The actual product pages for the new items will become available on June 21st (Sunday) at 12 pm (PDT). Hopefully, you will have plenty of time to reflect on the items and decide which artifact you might want to add to your personal collection. If it's easier for you, you can simply scroll down our "new items" page after 12 pm on Sunday (PDT) to view all of our updated artifacts. 

We hope you enjoy;) 

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  • Eden : June 23, 2020

    I love this new catalogue!! It’s so much more than just a catalogue. From the timeline, to the origin story, to the growth and connections made along the way. It’s more than just the beautiful display of the products, it’s how each product came to be and what they mean to each of the team members personally. And it shows the love and respect for Baum-kuchen from the analog community. Happy Tenth Birthday! And congratulations on the release of this beautiful catalogue!

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