It's hard to believe we have crossed 1/2 mark of the year! How is your analogue system going??? Is your system still holding up to your hopes and dreams you set out at the beginning of this year?? At the end of last year, I wanted to simplify the system. (link here about the story) and it feels like the idea of "simplicity" is still very present in my life. What changed??? I have it even more simplified. Having gone through spring with a loss in our circle of friends and few other "life" staff, I really needed a fresh start. My metaphor is... that some people go out and buy a brand new sport car when they feel stuck in life..., I change up my analogue system instead! 

I am pretty happy with the current set up. It feeds both my soul and productivity in a balanced way! 

So here is the details.
Traveler's Notebook (regular size) as my planner & wallet. 
MD leather cover with A5 notebook for everything else. 

Pretty simple, right? 
My A5 size notebook with MD leather cover is much like Bullet Journal. It includes my personal reflection, letters I write for our girls and Frido, my weekly schedule, to-do list, ideas, BK documentation. It's EVERYTHING. I tend to write my letters to the girls on a horizontal format instead of everything else in a vertical format. It helps me to find those letters when I flip back the pages (instant warm and fuzzy feeling no matter how the day is going:) and I am hoping that it will help Satchi and Coco to find those words when they need it in the future. I also enjoy that every page on my A5 Notebook feels different. Truly reflective of what I am going through personally and what we are cooking up at home and at our BK studio. 

In the MD leather cover, I usually have one or two BK shop card tucked in the front and Lettermate template and postage stamps in the back along with my favorite Polaroid pic of Satchia and Coco. I often clip Lamy fountain pen or Kaweco fountain pen on the leather cover so I always have a pen with me and carry MIDORI brass pen in the leather cover pen loop while traveling. I left the notebook out in the sun when we were camping at Big Bear few weeks ago and Lamy pen clip left a crisp mark on my leather cover. I kind of like the detail and can't wait to see the leather wear in over time. 

I carry both Traveler's Notebook in my Superior Labor canvas pouch (large) or Paint Small Shoulder Bag and go through the pages whenever I have a pocket of downtime. It is refreshing to see and read through all the pages I have marked in a fresh set of eyes and I seem to catch most of the to-do list items over the course of time. 

A friend recently asked me what is the key to journaling everyday. 

I believe in staying true and not get too caught up in a certain style or format. And to remember life changes and evolves and so does our journaling pages. And at the end of the day... and beginning of next day, we are journaling for ourselves;) 

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  • Caneel Joyce: May 13, 2023
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    I love learning about how you love your analog life. The specifics of how you use each system inspire and soothe me and it’s beautiful to see the reflection of your values and your life stage in how you interact with your materials and create your artifacts! Thank you

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