Analogue Process // Wakako

Analogue Process // Wakako

The idea of having a perfect Analogue System is perhaps a bit of dream chasing. I used to feel excited about imagining creative ways of using different planners. Like really excited! Some year I was able to stick with one planner throughout the year. In another year, I switched things up in the mid-year. And honestly, I think it’s all okay. We can get so hard on ourselves by creating specific rules around how we use our analogue artifacts. And if that feels like it’s holding us back, then it’s time to remind ourselves that we are the authors of our own stories not the dedicated planners we chose to use at the beginning of the year. 

Nowadays, I use my planners and notebooks as “Analogue Process” instead of the Analogue System. I am more interested in what happens on the page as I write, document, and reflect instead of the cleverness of how I might use my notebooks. 

Throughout the day, I use 3-4 notebooks, each dedicated to a specific purpose. I would love to take you through my day.

In the morning, I usually go through my morning routine, which includes 10-20 minutes of focused journaling. I enjoy using open-ended, A5 size, lightly gridded notebooks. Currently, I am using MD Codex Dot. On the first day of each month, I add a monthly index sticker and leave the spread open as an index page for the month. Throughout the month, I add one thought from the day’s journaling session. It can be an insight, a lesson, or something I want to remember. After each month, I can open the index page to get a sense of the month’s overall feeling. It’s not a complete index system but more of a mood board. Each day, I start writing on a new page as freely and organically as possible. Sometimes I might add a stamp or a sticker but decorating the page is not the primary purpose of my journal page for now. Instead simply write to dig deeper into my thought process and stumble upon a new perspective I wasn’t aware of before. I usually don’t look back at my past entries, so it’s less about memory keeping but more memory processing. I have my Codex notebook in my favorite cover, Mojave. Every time I pick up my notebook, I am immediately in my self-reflective space. 

During the day, I move between Jibun Lite, BK Jiyu Planner, and BK Grid, all stuffed in my Traveler’s Notebook cover. Why so many notebooks? In a nutshell, these three notebooks facilitate scheduling, reflection, BK operation, and note taking. 

Jiyu’s monthly page is my master planner for scheduling. Jiyu’s weekly is where I capture moments of pause, where I write a thought that comes to my mind whenever I allow myself to pause and stay still. They are not groundbreaking ideas but the evidence that I gave myself permission to float inwardly even just a little between my tasks at hand. These weekly pages have become important as a substitute for picking up the phone to “check-in.” As much as I can, when I have an urge to pick up my phone, I try to pick up my Traveler’s Notebook as a tangible substitute, so I am “checking in” with myself before checking in with the world.

Jibun Lite in B6 slim size is to keep me focused on the BK related tasks. I started carrying my Jibun Lite as a separate “BK logistic notebook” this year because I desperately needed a way to clear my path forward. As any business owner can probably relate, my work for BK is never-ending and constant. Even though I might not be “physically” working on specific BK tasks, my mind is always with BK, thinking and dreaming. Everything from day-to-day operation to our next step forward to get closer to our mission. To be constantly in the mode is both exciting and overwhelming. Jibun weekly pages give me a solid landing spot where I can keep track of the ever-evolving thoughts and task lists as well as specific to-dos for the day. 

[TRCxBK] Grid Notebook is for my note-taking. I write my draft story there and jot down random notes. It’s a notebook with messy pages! But a fun, creative kind. I am using it to “not” keep the notebook after I finish the last page, and It’s interesting. I feel the act of letting go of the need to “archive” is making the aesthetics of the pages more interesting to look at. Have you had the experience before? 

A lot of things we knew changed really fast in the past year. When things got rough and uncertain, I found pen and paper steady and grounding. The source of constant. After all, they have been around a lot longer than other digital devices we grew to rely on quite a bit. Through my way of analogue process, I am constantly looking for ways to connect with my soul and to make sense of the world around me.

Text and photos by: Wakako
Where to find Wakako: wakako_bk

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  • Meredith: February 28, 2021
    Author image

    Your words express exactly how I feel, but sometimes forget. I get caught up more in perfection than the process, and I am grateful to be reminded of these analogue truths from your post.

  • Janette: February 20, 2021
    Author image

    Thank you so much for sharing-what an amazing idea!

    Yes, chasing the ideal system is something I am definitely guilty of. But honestly, the most beneficial entries I wrote for my growth were random notes- no form or structure, whatsoever.
    From what I have experienced myself and what my impression is, when I see other Instagram posts or YouTube videos, is that we all chase this seemingly perfect system, because we long for a sense of control- especially nowadays.
    But as BK points out, the only constant is change and life is a process, so I totally agree that instead of a system it should be perceived as a process- otherwise we prevent self- awareness and to adapt when changes occur- which also means that we can not grow. And as you say, who makes the rules and who is in charge, when not we ourselves?
    It was very inspiring to see how you use your planners.

    And, by the way, I saw your “day in the life” video and it is mind blowing how you and your husband raise your two beautiful daughters. Chapeau!! All the things you share with them and expose them to will give them the most important thing any human being can possess:

    All the best and greetings from Vienna,

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