Behind the scene... 1.61 Soft Goods

Behind the scene... 1.61 Soft Goods

We are so lucky to be able to continue collaborating with Diana and Wes of 1.61 Soft Goods. Knowing how things are made and where is a really important factor of artifacts to us. Because I feel that... if our customer knows how the item is designed and made... with so much love and care..., it will be used and loved longer. 

So I asked Diana and Wes if I could hang out at their studio for a while and watch them make some of the leather items that are currently carried at Baum-kuchen. (We once visited their studio when we had a meeting - with Satchi and Coco!) I have a lot of video footage from the visit that will be incorporated into the future Baum-kuchen clips but here are some of my favorites still images. Each item we carry from 1.61 Soft Goods is made here in this space... one at a time with their hands. Their studio (that also functions as their living quarter) is full of creative energy. Everything from tools to their tea cup is organized based on functionalities and their line of work. Watching them work in their well-oiled space is like watching a beautifully synchronized dance... moving from one station to another to complete their work-in-progress project. I love and adore their genuine personalities (as an individual and as a sweet couple) and their never ending desire to create. 

Last few photos show our new collaboration "Origami basket" and its process. We have been working on this for nearly half year... making prototype after prototype. So I can't be more excited to share them soon! They are perfectly sized to carry your lunch, your Traveler's Notebook or Roterfaden (or together!!)..., knitting tools... shipping supplies... or anything else your heart desires in and out of the house/shop/studio. If you are interested in the basket, shoot me an email ( so I can let you know when it gets launched at our shop! 

I left their studio feeling so excited. 
Happy Tuesday:) 

p.s. I also just found out their name "1.61" comes from the golden ratio... and their focus on finding beauty in proportion. Perfect, right? 


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