A space is a reflection of our heart... (it's for us at our shop:)

A space is a reflection of our heart... (it's for us at our shop:)

I have been itching to change things up in the studio for a while... so I was thrilled to have a chance to just tackle the task on Friday!

The biggest change I made was to de-clutter the middle table. I was getting cluster-phobic when I approached the table before... Now it feels like a place of calmness. I love to use this tabletop space as a place to share some of our favorite artifacts in life thoughtfully mixed with a very few items that are actually for sale instead of just displaying merchandise. I know it's odd to use the biggest real estate of the shop for non-commercial purpose but it feels right to me. I am excited that I can use this space to reflect what we feel passionate about... like treasure from travel, our favorite publications, color palette, etc... Currently our table top exhibit is all about treasure from our Yakushima adventure mixing Japanese vintage stationery with found objects from the island's sea and land.

This change made the surrounding space to be more "full" which (I think) gives a nice contrast to the negative space in the middle. I hope this arrangement will create more flow to way the studio / shop space can be viewed by first time customers as well as our lovely friends who frequent the space...

Oh and the very bright nook!!! It was once a little lounge, a home ware display, then a work space where I used it for a production of our original items... and now it's little bit like a {creative} green house with an ever growing succulent garden on the side. I love it so much that I might someday move into the space permanently as a shop keeper's work space.

Here are some snapshots! I hope you get to see them in person... but for our far friends... a handful of photos is better than just words, right?



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