A Simple Reminder of an Invisible Connection between Craftsmanship and Art // Emil

A Simple Reminder of an Invisible Connection between Craftsmanship and Art // Emil

Working from home has meant that my comfortable home wear has seen more use this year than any other. The casualness of not having to “dress up”, though relaxing, makes me miss the days when the statement pieces of my wardrobe had occasions for wear. Wearing things you enjoy is a form of self-care. Even little things, worn only for yourself, can change the way you feel. These days I’ve taken to adding my Superior Labor Brass Fine Ring as a slight elevation to my day-to-day wear.

The ring is reminiscent of the brass accents on familiar TSL artifacts such as the XS Engineer Shoulder bag or Travel for Life Wallets. The hammered surface highlights the natural character of the material while the planes capture different angles of light. Its design is simple and gender-neutral. It can be worn on its own or stacked with other rings as a handsome statement piece. Mine has a clean light yellow color, but I’ve noticed that some of the other rings have a deeper yellow hue or are already showing a slight patina. I’m looking forward to seeing the patina mature, but if you’d prefer, you can polish it to preserve a more burnished sheen.

Wearing it on the occasional beach outings or while working at home, it catches my eye and makes me happy just to see it. Knowing the people who made it and the care they put into each piece by hand makes it special to me as well. It’s a simple reminder of an invisible connection between people through craftsmanship and art.

Text and photos by: Emil

Where to find Emil: @everydayemil

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