Mizushima Perpetual Calendar Stamp

Mizushima Perpetual Calendar Stamp

When I first saw Mizushima Perpetual Calendar Stamp, I told myself that there is no way I can move all 31 days of the stamp elements to create a customized monthly calendar. Then Eunice explained to me that I do not have to move all 31 days individually! The total moving parts in this stamp set are just 10 units. 7 vertical lines for each day of the week and 3 last individual days of the month as loose elements to match the calendar month you are working on. The design is so clever and elegant. You can use the stamped month to decorate a gift, create an invitation card for a next gathering, or as a functional accent to your Bullet Journaling. I hope you enjoy this relaxing how-to video!

The BK team behind the video: Eunice for helping me (once again) and all the BK community figure out how to use this beautiful monthly stamp kit. All footage captured and edited by Eunice.



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