[Stalogy] Notebook Cover (A5)

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Enjoy protecting your favorite notebook with this warm-textured cover. With Stalogy's quintessential minimalist design, the simplicity of this beautiful cover evokes moments of calm during your writing moments. The inside features many useful details, such as a secretarial pocket, along with smaller nooks for organizing your favorite analogue artifacts. The right pocket can also be used as a bookmark by putting it over the page you're on. We hope you enjoy how the paper cover transforms and picks up character right along with your pages! 

Compatible Notebooks: 


  • Dimensions: A5 -  5.8" x 8.25" x 0.6" (148mm x 210mm)
  • Material: Paper (Due to the natural paper material, you may notice some tiny color variations on the cover, which is normal and not considered a defect).
  • Care:
  1. Please do not pull hard on the cover when inserting a notebook, as it may cause it to tear.
  2. Do not store the cover in direct sunlight or high-humidity environments, as it may cause the cover to warp or discolor. 
  3. Although the cover is made of water-resistant paper, it is NOT waterproof, so please do not wash or soak it in water. 

Designed and Made by: STALOGY in Japan