[TSL] Leather Pouch (Large)

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We love the beautiful Leather Pouch from TSL. The pouch is functional yet holds beautiful craftsmanship and souls which all of the TSL items carry. 

You can utilize the pouch to organize small analogue artifacts on your desk or an everyday pouch to carry your EDC essentials. 

All materials are carefully sourced in Japan. The leather used for the Leather Pouch is a high-quality vegetable tanned. You will see some organics marks (small stains, wrinkles, scars, small lines from blood veins) on the leather, which is all part of the leather as organic material. We believe in respecting the material and thrive on not wasting materials to be "perfectly pure." I hope you enjoy watching the leather grow and age uniquely as you wear them. The leather will also soften with time and usage. 

Dimension: 22.5cm L × 12.5cm H × 7cm W

Designed and Made By: The Superior Labor in Japan 

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