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Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen was my first fountain pen ever. I still vividly remember trying out the pen at a stationery store in Germany and admiring just how beautiful it looked. It is one of the smallest fountain pens Kaweco carries and is perfect for travel. The cap can be screwed on the bottom of the pen body when writing, which is great to ensure that the cap always stays with you. Also, the pen body is ergonomic to hold in your hands. 

Each package of Kaweco fountain pens comes with a fountain pen body with a nib of your choice and a blue ink cartridge to get you started! You can read more about fountain pen tips and maintenance advice in Baum-kuchen's story! (link here)   

Additional Details:  

  • Kaweco Fountain Pen is compatible with Kaweco ink cartridges. (sold separately)
  • Nib size options: Extra Fine / Fine


    Overall length when closed: 3.8"

    Overall length when used with the cap screwed to the back: 5"

    Designed By: Kaweco, Germany