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As real-life being "real life", our everyday schedule inevitably changes, get canceled, and postponed. When your plan changes and you need to edit what you wrote on your planner, what do you do? What if you can mend and make peace with the ever-changing plans our universe presents to us? Sashiko Planner Stickers designed by Emil fill the cup just so perfectly. 

Sashiko is a form of Japanese hand stitching which has often been used to mend and strengthen the fabric. This process has recently gained admiration outside of Japan, both for its aesthetics and as a form of sustainable fashion. But the origin of sashiko is a humble one, born from necessity in the Edo period as a way for people in poverty to repair clothing and textiles for survival. Boro, which is the result of this process over generations, shows us a look into the life of these anonymous menders. In modern eyes, these pieces, infused with story and life, show us the beauty of imperfection over time.
Inspired by sashiko, these stickers feature running stitches across watercolor patches. When we plot our life in a planner we schedule, reschedule, and annotate our course. These stickers can be used to patch (rather than scratch out) plans or used decoratively. We hope these stickers inspire you to embrace change as part of your journey. - Emil

Each package comes with three unique sticker sheet designs. 

Dimension: Sticker sheet: 4" x 6"

Designed By: Baum-Kuchen, California

Condition: New