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**This XS Engineer Shoulder Bag does not come with a shoulder strap. 

Engineer Shoulder Bag XS is custom-designed and made by The Superior Labor in Japan. We LOVE their Engineer Shoulder Bag at Baum-kuchen so much that we asked them to create a unique size that they do not have in their collection yet. (the last picture with the natural canvas bag shows the comparison between XS sizes and regular sizes)

This XS size bag is perfect for carrying a laptop (fits 13" laptop) and your everyday essentials. You can read the difference in the dimensions between regular and XS shoulder bags below. The shoulder strap is also thinner to lighten up the weight! 

The bag has a leather pocket outside (perfect for carrying your keys and items you need with quick access and an internal pocket for organizing small essentials like your phone. 

The top closes with a sturdy brass zipper so that your belongings in the bag are safe and secure as you carry your bag. The flap for the top zipper can be completely opened and out of your way so that you can easily carry oversized items. 

Shoulder Strap // This XS Engineer Shoulder Bag does not come with a shoulder strap. If you already have other TSL Bags with a shoulder strap, you can use them on your XS Engineer Shoulder Bag. If you would like to purchase a new shoulder strap from BK, we have leather shoulder straps and nylon shoulder straps as options.  

The black canvas looks great with a leather accent, and the more you use it, the softer the canvas and leather will become. All materials are carefully sourced in Japan, and bags are made in The Superior Labor maker's studio in Okayama prefecture, where they turned an old elementary school into a unique workshop space. You can check out more photos of how the Engineer Shoulder Bag looks over time via our blog post: [Metamorphosis] The Superior Labor Shoulder Bag / new vs. + 2yrs. You can watch the quality and craftsmanship that goes into making these bags in the video The Superior Labor created.  

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Materials:  Canvas and leather
Please be advised that the true leather/canvas color can vary slightly depending on your screen.

Weight:  1' 11oz 

Dimension: L/48cm x H /30cm x D/12cm / Handle Drop: 4"

Shoulder strap length: 30"-37"

Designed and Made By: The Superior Labor in Japan
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