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If you are a "creative" kind, you probably have had an experience of looking for some place to jot down your new idea that sparked in the middle of nowhere! When that happens, a stack of paper napkins has been an unspoken media amongst creatives for capturing the next big idea. A piece of napkin provides an infinite possibility as a blank canvas for blue sky ideas to an engineered schematic drawing because it does not bring the anxiety and fear of a brand new notebook nor perfection in ideas (or sketches for the matter). If a drawing doesn't look right, you can just toss it!  (at the end of the day... it's just a napkin, right??) 

Napkin Sketchbook celebrates this creative habit by providing a space where your next napkin (and drawings on your used napkins) can be carried with you wherever you go. A pen (a thin tip Sharpie which is one of the most ideal pen to use on napkins) cleverly works as a locking mechanism for the leather case to ensure all the contents (napkins!) are safe and sound while on the go 

Untreated leather which starts with a nude color will tan as it gets exposed to the sun making the leather darker.(please see last two photos for a new and slightly used Napkin Sketchbook comparison) The more you use your Napkin Sketchbook at a coffee shop, bar, or anywhere between, the more beautifully worn in the leather will become.  

So go for an adventure and know that you will always have a place to capture your next big ideas wherever you are!  

**Napkin Sketchbook comes with a leather case, a black Sharpie (thin tip) and 10 square napkins to get your creative journey started. Since leather is a natural material, it comes with its own scratches and marks. You will see these marks on some of our Napkin Sketchbooks. I hope you enjoy these natural impression as you capture your next ideas on napkins.


Dimension: H5.25" x L6" x D0.75"

Designed by: Fridolin Beisert of Baum-kuchen

Made by: Baum-kuchen in Los Angeles

Condition: New

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