Vertical Zip Pen Case (2 colors)

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Holding The Vertical Zip Pen Case in our hands feels much like holding a beautiful pebble. So perfectly shaped to fit in our hands and so warm and inviting to use. The zipper is located on top of the pen case, so you can easily "pop" the case open to view all the beloved pens and pencils you have in your pen case. 

The Pen Case also captures the incredible craftsmanship The Superior Labor team puts in each of the artifacts they produce. We love the saddle-stitched corners that are a subtle accent in the design. These corners create the volume inside the pen case, making it easy for you to see the inside of the pen case when you open it. The natural leather feels amazing in your hands and will soften over time with usage and become yours uniquely.  

All materials are carefully sourced in Japan. TSL artifacts are made in the Superior Labor studio in Okayama prefecture, turning an old elementary school into a unique workshop space. 

Materials:  leather with brass zipper
Please be advised that the true leather color can slightly vary depending on your screen.

TSL artifacts are handmade with love and care by The Superior Labor in Okayama, Japan. The TSL team works diligently to honor leather as organic material, making sure to minimize production waste. As a result, some TSL artifacts feature natural markings such as scars, blemishes, wrinkles. We hope you enjoy all of the characters for many years ahead as leather ages and patinas.

Dimension: H 7" x W 3.5" x D 1.25"
Designed and Made by The Superior Labor in Japan
Condition: New