[Type-C] Titanium Bookmark Pen

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Type-C is a flat bookmark pen made of durable titanium.

We love that its clip works great on the notebook cover, such as Traveler's Notebook, so you will always have a pen with you no matter where you go with your notebook. The barely-there thickness (3.5mm to be precise) makes this pen work as a bookmark so you can keep your pen inside of the page where you are planning to come back. The spring steel flips open and snaps to the "writing position" when you are ready to write. When the pen is not used, it can flip back to protect the tip of the pen nib. 

Pen Type-C is designed to fit the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto ink cartridge.

Designed by: CW&T in New York
Made In: China  

Condition: New