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Tsubame Notebook Company has been dedicated to produce high quality everyday notebooks since 1947 in Tokyo. We truly appreciate all the details and thoughts that have gone into making these notebooks.  The papers used in these notebooks are called "フールス紙" ("fools paper" in English - we totally understand it doesn't quite translate to an English word when we read as is). These papers are made for writing not for printing. It is very complimentary to fountain pen ink and its smooth paper surface absorbs ink just enough so that it does not paddle on the surface yet does not bleed to the other side. 

The paper is acid free and the notebook actually promises that it can be archived as long as 10,000 years (!). So your journal, notes or ideas will be safe for a very long time. Lines on the notebook is spaced as 7mm. These lines also are very unique. The lines are drawn by a special equipment which create lines manually instead of digitally. They use water color ink for these lines so that the ink from your fountain pen will not paddle even you draw over the line. Only one company in Tokyo is now left to create these water color lines on the notebook sheets...  

These TSUBAME A5 Notebook will make your everyday note-taking extra special!  (If you prefer a larger notebook, check out the B5 size!)

100 Sheet / 200 pages: $8

60 Sheet / 120 pages: $6

30 Sheet / 60 pages: $3 [sold out]

Dimension (when it is closed):  6" x 8.25"

Designed and Made By: TSUBAME Notebook Company, Japan

Condition: New

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Sold Out

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