TSL Pouch // Natural Canvas


The versatile TSL Pouch comes with a brass zipper to make sure your items inside of the pouch are safe and secure. It's a perfect size to carry your small essentials like your TN Passport Size Notebook and wallet. It features 2 internal pockets so you can organize your contents neatly. The main compartment is spacious and everything is easy to see inside when you open the zipper. The pouch also sits nicely on the table surface! 

The natural canvas looks great with a pop of painted colors. All materials are carefully sourced in Japan and this pouch is made in The Superior Labor studio in Okayama prefecture where they turned an old elementary school into a unique workshop space. You can watch the quality and craftsmanship that goes into making their products in this video Superior Labor created

Materials: canvas, leather, brass zipper

Dimension: L8" x H4.5" x D2.5"

Designed and Made By: The Superior Labor in Japan
Condition: New
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