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[BK Charm] "today is the only day"

[BK Charm] "today is the only day"
[BK Charm] "today is the only day"
[BK Charm] "today is the only day"
[BK Charm] "today is the only day"
[BK Charm] "today is the only day"
[BK Charm] "today is the only day"

Designer: 1.61 Soft Goods x Baum-kuchen

$16.00 USD

Baum-kuchen has been IN LOVE with Traveler's Notebook since 2008. We love seeing the cover of our Traveler's Notebook get worn-in and customizing what goes inside depending on where our adventure takes us.

[Baum-kuchen Charm] "today is the only day" is an exclusively designed Baum-kuchen original leather charm made by 1.61 Soft Goods in downtown LA. Each leather charm is embossed with "today is the only day" inspired by Ernest Hemingway's quote that will surely inspire you every time you open your Traveler's Notebook. The charm can be easily attached to your Traveler's Notebook's elastic band through brass eyelets.

The charm comes beautifully packaged and inside you will find a quote by Ernest Hemingway in a sticker format. So you can carry or keep the quote anywhere you would like!  

"Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today. It's been that way all this year. It's been that way so many times"

**Repetitive friction of the [Baum-kuchen Charm]'s leather and brass eyelets to the cover of Traveler's Notebook can create small marks. Hopefully it becomes a part of worn-in process for your Traveler's Notebook. However, if you prefer the leather cover of your Traveler's Notebook to be pristine and scratch-free, you might want to attach your charm at the end of your bookmark instead of using it on the elastic band.

1.61 artifacts are handmade with love and care by Diana and Wes of 1.61 Soft Goods in Japan. Diana and Wes work diligently to honor leather as organic material, making sure to minimize production waste. As a result, some of the 1.61 artifacts feature natural markings such as scars, blemishes, wrinkles, and dots. We hope you enjoy all of the characters for many years ahead as leather ages and patinas.


  • Leather
  • Brass

Dimension: L 1.75" x H 0.4"

Designed and Made By: Baum-Kuchen in Los Angeles, CA

Made By: 1.61 Soft Goods in Los Angeles, CA

Condition: New

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