The New Voyager Map for Kids who Travel / Los Angeles


We love map and we love travel... and we get super excited when we can share our passion for adventure with our little ones. So thrilled to share The New Voyager Map for Los Angeles edition. Published by The New Voyager in Paris and illustrated by Keiko Brodeur of Small Adventures in Los Angeles. 

The map highlights different Los Angeles locations that brings inspiration and joy to little travelers (and grown-ups)! I wish there were maps like this for every city we travel with our girls. It includes some of our LA favorite spots like Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica and Arlington Garden in Pasadena. Don't forget to check out boutique ice cream shop, outdoor cafes, museums, etc. etc... all around Los Angeles. 

When unfolded, one side displays an illustrated kid's friendly Los Angeles map and other side describes some of the LA favorite spots. Extra blank space is saved for the little voyager to create his or her own map of Los Angeles. It can be folded in a small booklet so it can travel everywhere with you and your family! 

Material: Printed on 100% recycled paper in California

Size: 5"x7"(folded) / 7"x25" (open)

Designed by: Madame Paris

Published by: The New Voyager

Illustrated by: 
Keiko Brodeur


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