Scribbling Pad



"Insatsu Kakou Ren" (it means print/paper collective in Japanese) is a team of six small paper related manufactures in Japan. Each company specializes in paper product expertise such as book bind, paper, paper fold, die-cut, letter press, etc. The result is a perfect example of manufacturing technique meets good design. 
Scribbling Pad is a 50 page memo pad with a hardcover that is great for taking notes while standing. Protective chipboard wraps the entire notepad when not in use so you can make sure that your notepad papers are not damaged when you put it in your bag! The top edge of the paper is treated with micro-stitching so you can easily tear the page off when you are done with the page. 

Dimension: 5.8" x 8.25" (148mm×210mm)

Designed and Made By: Insatsu-Karen-Kou in Japan

Condition: New

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