Roterfaden / Line (pack of 3)



A refillable line notebook is designed to accompany the Roterfaden A5 size cover. It can be incorporated inside of the Roterfaden using clips that come with the leather cover. The refill notebook is made in Germany. They are bound with red stitching (Roterfaden means "red thread" so it totally makes sense!) It comes with a self adhesive label where you can mark your refill cover with the year. (2014 in green or 2015 in blue). Go ahead and fill this notebook with your journal, dream, inspiration, ideas and more! 

Available as a pack of 3.

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Material:: Paper 40 pages  

Dimension: W 5.5" (14cm) x H 8" (20cm) 

Designed by: 
Roterfaden in Germany

Made In: Germany 


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