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Roterfaden Birthday Calendar is great companion for the Roterfaden A5 size cover when you need an analogue catalogue of the birthdays and anniversaries you would like to remember! The notebook comes with January-December page so you can quickly find out which special occasions you are celebrating in the month! It comes with illustrated zodiac signs that are incorporated into the calendar and you can keep using this Birthday Calendar over multiple years. The notebook is very lightweight and thing so it does not take up too much space in your Roterfaden

Roterfaden Birthday Calendar can be incorporated inside of the Roterfaden using clips that come with the leather cover. All the Roterfaden refill notebooks are made in Germany and are bound with red stitching/ (Roterfaden means "red thread") 

Material:: Paper 

Dimension: W 5.5" (14cm) x H 8" (20cm) 

Designed by: 
Roterfaden in Germany

Made In: Germany 


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