Mail it Forward / vintage postage stamp set / vol. 001


We believe in sending special notes, letters, memo with the magic of snail mail. When we mail a letter, we mail it forward with love, cheers, and the feeling of "I am thinking of you...". 

Mail it Forward is a uniquely curated vintage postage stamp collection that captures our love for analogue and the wonder of travel and adventures. 

Vol.001 collection includes below sets.

1. Berry Patch

2. Steam Punk

3. Desert Rose

4. Space Explorer

5. Traveler

These five sets in this collection are individually packaged with much love and care so it brings special moments whenever you use these nostalgic stamps.

They are also great to "Mail it Forward". You can include one of the set in your next snail mail as a gift so your recipient of the letter can then send another mail to someone special! (We left enough space on the back of the package for you to jot down a little memo to the person. Maybe add "always + forever" wax seal stamp to finish the detail:) 

Each set is enough to mail 1oz letter at $.49 rate (perfect for U.S. domestic letter). If you are sending a letter that requires additional postage (bigger / heavier / international letter, etc.), simply add current USPS postage stamps alongside your vintage stamps! 

Curated By: Baum-kuche in collaboration with VerdeStudio 

Condition: Unused (ready to be sent with your next snail mail!)

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