[Portfolio] leather folder


Baum-kuchen [Portfolio] is designed to bring an extra tactile and functional joy to your Traveler's Notebook adventure!  Designed and made by 1.61 in collaboration with Baum-kuchen using high quality leather, we made sure that [Portfolio] works seamlessly with your Traveler's Notebook or by itself. [Portfolio] has two open pockets to hold maps, itinerary, receipts, etc. becoming a bucket to catch all things loose! The left panel of [Portfolio] has a diagonal slot for keeping business cards and/or credit cards. The right panel has a horizontal slot that is a perfect size for keeping your passport or a small notebook such as Field Notes in place!  

[Portfolio] is made with a lot of love by 1.61 locally in downtown Los Angles. It is a unique artifact that can last as long as your Traveler's Notebook. 

The last image shows the thickness of a Traveler's Notebook with a blank refill and a leather insert! 

[Portfolio] can be used with your Traveler's Notebook... or by itself when you want to be lightweight without notebooks. I hope you enjoy watching the nude leather age gracefully with usage and get a darker caramelized look over time. (We have "leather with character" option if you would like the leather with extra personalities! Whether it's a natural blemish or wrinkle of the leather, you will love the extra character that is truly unique to your insert.)

You can read little bit about our thought process in making of [Portfolio] on our blog!

Bon Voyage! 


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Material: leather, brass zipper

Designed and Made by: 1.61 in collaboration with Baum-kuchen

Made In: Los Angeles


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