[Pocket] PASSPORT leather card holder / wallet



Baum-kuchen [Pocket] in passport size is designed to bring an extra tactile and functional joy to your Traveler's Notebook adventure!  Designed and made by 1.61 in collaboration with Baum-kuchen using high quality leather, we made sure that [Pocket] works seamlessly with your Passport Size Traveler's Notebook or by itself. The left panel of the [Pocket] can hold your credit cards acting as a very convenient wallet; whereas, the right panel is a larger pocket to hold your cash, receipt, etc.  It will keep you organized so you can focus on your journey:) 

[Pocket] is made with a lot of love by 1.61 locally in downtown Los Angles. We consciously choose saddle stitch by hand for overall construction in order to create a unique artifact that can last as long as your Traveler's Notebook. The leather is hand finished using 1.61 original leather conditioner with cedar oil. When you open the package, the leather might still have a little bit of aroma from the conditioner. It's pleasant and makes you feel like you are in a forest! The smell of conditioner will eventually disappear over time. The card holder is very snug to ensure that it holds your cards securely. Over time, the leather will stretch slightly... making it easy to slide cards in and out. 

[Pocket] can be used with your Passport Size Traveler's Notebook... or by itself as an wallet when you want to be lightweight without notebooks.  I hope you enjoy watching the nude leather age gracefully with usage and get a darker caramelized look over time. 

Bon Voyage! 

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Material: leather

Designed and Made by: 1.61 in collaboration with Baum-kuchen

Made In: Los Angeles


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