Paper Twine: Dark Green



This uniquely one of the kind Paper Twine is made in Viena, Austria by PaperPhine, a passionate team of designers who combines old and new materials and inspiration. The colorful material will surely add bright touches to your gift wrappings, ideas and creative projects and it comes on a beautiful vintage braider's bobbin. 

You get one bobbin with 50 yards (46m) of Paper Twine. The twine is about 0.035 in (0,9mm) in diameter making it a great material for craft projects, gift wrappings, decorations, paper flowers, etc.

The vintage bobbin is about 4.3 in (11cm) tall and come from former weaving mills. It is carefully selected by the team of PaperPhine and each is a little bit different but just as beautiful.

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Material: Paper

Dimension: H4.3" x D1.75"

Designed In: Vienna, Austria

Condition: New

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