[MNEMOSYNE] 162 Vertical Memo Pad

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Mnemosyne's philosophy is to bring more creativity to work through writing and thinking. We love their subtle ways of helping the writer/creator to organize and think beyond the line.

Vertical Memo Pad (162) is pocket-sized and is great for organizing the task list or jotting down quick notes. At Baum-kuchen, we keep this notepad in our apron so we can easily jot down notes and thoughts when we are helping our customers. It has a perforated edge so you can easily tear the page as needed. The smooth paper works beautifully with all kinds of pens including fountain pens. 

Memo pad features a lightweight grid to help you stay organized.

Dimension: 3" x 7.4" / 50 Sheets

Designed By: Mnemosyne

Made In: Japan  

Condition: New