Mjölk book volume 3



Mjölk book is produced by John and Juli of Kitka Design (also the co-owners of Mjölk shop/gallery in Toronto). Their eyes, knowledge and a point of view for Scandinavian and Japanese design make their publication one of the kind. You can pick up the book to admire beautiful photographs taken by Juli or spend an afternoon reading through the essays and interviews written by John
For this issue, Juli and John traveled to Japan to dig deeper into "chanoya", the way of Japanese tea ceremony. They visited wood artisan and his shop and interviewed an architect who designed and built one of the kind tea house on a tree. Finally the duo made a cross-country trip to the country side in Quebec to have a tour of the ceramist's studio. 
Here is a list of contents from this issue
  • Chabako: The tea box of ceramicist Masanobu Ando
  • Canoyu: The way of tea
  • Shop and studio visit of Ryuji Mitani
  • Somewhere very close and special, an essay by Ryuji Mitani
  • Atelier of wood artisan, Shingo Tsukuda
  • Tarunobu Fujimori and tea house on a tree
  • Coffee ceremony
  • A tour of the ceramist's studio Renaud Sauve, Quebec

Dimension: 6" x 8.25" Total 144 pages

Published In: Toronto, Canada

Condition: New

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