Our life can be full of surprises and unexpected turn of the events but our yearly planner doesn't have to be! MIDORI MD 2019 Diary is a minimalistic daily agenda book that maximizes the power of negative space. We love using our MD Diary to capture moments with our little ones. It's incredible to watch the notebook grow with days we spend together. Truly seeing layers of time being built. You can read more about it in our story

If you are looking for ways to organize your life with a peace of mind, this planner will fit your new year! 

The monthly pages of MIDORI MD 2019 Diary are surrounded by white space that gives a lot of creative freedom. On a daily page, half of the page is dedicated to managing your time and another half is left blank so you can use it to jot down a meeting note, sketch ideas and/or create to-do lists. The daily page does not have a calendar date on but it comes with a little area where you could write down your day as you go. You can attach monthly index tabs on the first day of each month to easily find the page you are looking for. The notebook comes with a durable white cover and two string bookmarks (orange and red) as well as a spread page that covers the entire year of 2018 and 2019. Pages open flat to make writing easier. Once you take MIDORI's paper packaging off, it's the simplest white notebook that can easily fit in your office, living room or a quiet writing table. 

You would want to keep this notebook in your bookshelf even after 2018 is done. Papers used in MD Notebooks were developed by MIDORI as an original paper in 1960. MIDORI has been improving these paper to perfect the writing quality.


**photographs are captured in previous years using the same notebook. 

Dimension (when it is closed): 

A5: 6" x 8.25" x 1"
A6 (Small): 4" x 6"x 1"

Designed By: Midori in Japan

Made In: Japan

Condition: New

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