LIFE's Journey Measuring Stick


LIFE's Journey measuring stick from Baum-Kuchen on Vimeo.


Being able to witness your little ones grow is an amazing adventure for parents. We are very happy to help you document some of the special milestones of your child on LIFE's Journey measuring stick by Baum-Kuchen.

Whether you hang your LIFE's Journey on your wall or use it on the kitchen counter (perhaps easier when you measure an infant!), you can always have your tool near and handy. When it is fully expanded, it can measure up to six feet so you will not need any other blank wall in your house to keep track of “not so little ones” when they grow up. And if you ever move from one home to another, Life's Journey will travel with you.

The marks that will be left on your LIFE's Journey will tell the most precious story of your family’s life... the amazing growth, proud moments as parents... and most importantly a journey shared with your loved ones.
With the exception of a finely engraved "Made in Germany for Baum-Kuchen", the surface of LIFE's Journey is left blank so that parents have plenty of space to document their little one's height and growth. Two small holes located on the top and bottom of the stick can be used to easily attach LIFE's Journey to the wall.
Package includes one wooden measuring stick with two brass nails and a small piece of removable sticky dot. A removable sticky dot can be used to keep the middle part of the measuring stick attached to a wall once it is hang vertically! 
**first photo and last two photos with baby Coco taken by Courtney of Erin Hearts Court
LIFE's Journey is designed exclusively by Baum-Kuchen and made in Germany. 


  • Wood (protected with an environmentally friendly clear coat)
  • Brass (for hinging mechanisms)


Overall dimension when folded: Height 9.25"x Width 0.7" x Depth 1.5"

Overall dimension when it is fully expanded: Height 6' x Width 0.7" x Depth 0.1"


Designed By: Baum-Kuchen in Los Angeles, CA

Made In: Germany

Condition: New

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