[JIBUN TECHO 2024] Lite (B6 Slim)

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Jibun Techo Lite in MINI size is the most streamlined option from the Jibun Techo family. The beloved Monthly page with a habit tracker and the vertical weekly spread is the main component of this planner! It only comes in MINI (B6 slim) size with a hardcover feature. 

JIBUN TECHO Lite provides a framework and flexibility depending on your needs. For example, you can use the monthly and daily structure to organize your time. 

If you have notes, ideas, lists, and journal pages that do not fit in the monthly and weekly pages, you can combine the IDEA Notebook with JIBUN TECHO as a system.

Depending on your aesthetics and needs, you can find your Jibun Techo covers that will comfortably fit JIBUN TECHO and IDEA Notebook. In addition, you can browse the entire Jibun Techo collection here

JIBUN TECHO 2024 Lite includes:

  • Monthly Page with Habit Tracker
  • Weekly Vertical Pages
  • 2-year Spread
  • 2024 Overview
  • Dream
  • Free List
  • Reflection of 2023 

Dimensions: 7.2”H x 4.5”W x 0.4"D

** some photographs are captured from the official Jibun Techo Website.
** photographs are captured in previous years using the same notebook. 

Designed and made by: KOKUYO in Japan

More photos & inspiration from our stories: