Inspirational Investment Map / Poster


Inspirational Investment Poster is a world map that you can interact with in order to create a visual representation of your past, present and future adventures.

Frame the map to match your home or office, share it as a gift with your travel enthusiastic friends or families or use it as an art material for your next craft projects.

The map is designed with enough visual impact to complement modern home or office spaces. Part reference tool, part art piece..., Inspirational Investment Map will bring inspiration to your home from around the world.

Inspirational Investment Map is designed exclusively by Baum-Kuchen. 

How it is made: 

The map is designed using Mercator projection style which has become a standard projection for nautical purposes. All geographical labels (countries, cities, borders, etc.) are up to date and the high-level detailed graphics on the map are designed to feel classic with a modern twist. (please see the last image for reference.)

The map is an exclusive lithograph printed by a local printer in Pasadena, CA on Neenah Classic Laid Hand Crafted Recycled paper. It is 100% post consumer, FSC Certified, Green-e certified and Carbon Neutral Plus. (You can see Neenah's website for additional details.) The subtle textures of this special paper create depth and feel great to touch.  

Materials: Neenah Classic Laid Hand Crafted Recycled paper (FSC Certified, Green-e certified and Carbon Neutral Plus, processed chlorine free and 100% post consumer)

Print Dimension: 32" x 20"

Designed By: Baum-Kuchen in Los Angeles, CA

Made In: Los Angeles, CA

Condition: New

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