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Clear Glue

Clear Glue
Clear Glue
Clear Glue

Designer: Gutenberg

$18.00 USD

We were first introduced to this gorgeous glue by Frido's mother-in-law, Heidi. She told us that it had been the only glue she had used for many years. We tried it out and were hooked! 

The clear glass bottle can hold its place on your desk with a graceful presence. The rubber tip with a slit works perfectly to dispense the right amount of glue during each usage. 

The best part? When you finish using, you can refill it with the optional refill. The refill bottle is enough to refill the bottle up to 5 times! 

Material: liquid glue in a glass bottle jar 

Dimension: Bottle diameter 1.75" x H 5.75"

Made by: Gutenberg

Made In: Germany

Condition: New

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