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Felt Slippers by Aika Felt Works will keep your feet warm an comfy during the cold seasons. Aika's slippers were inspired by Japanese wooden sandals "Geta". When you see the slippers from the top, you can really see how the inspiration translated into the form and aesthetics of Felt Slippers

Felt Slippers are made of 3mm-thick 100% wool industrial felt from Germany and us attached a sole made of a recycled leather to give good grip on the floor while being worn.  Felt Slippers were designed with much love and care by Aika in her studio Aika Felt Works. Cutting of felt is done by Finnish company according to Aika's design, and all other works are done in Aika Felt studio in Rovaniemi, Finland.

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Materials:  Made of 3mm-thick 100% wool industrial felt from Germany and Recycled leather
Care Instruction from Aika Felt Works: 
Spot clean, hand-wash only in sopy warm water (under 30ºC). Not machine washable. (The felt will shrink and you'll have a smaller slippers.)
The felt will be worn and pill same as wool sweater over time. You can "shave" its surface by a sharp razor then it will become like new.

Large (Orange inside):  EU size 43-45. / U.S. size 10.5-13 / 12" x 5.5"

Medium (Green inside): EU size 40-42. / U.S. size 9-10 / 11" x 5."

Designed and Made By: Aika Felt Works in Finland
Condition: New
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