[Essential] leather zipper case / card holder


Baum-kuchen [Essential] is designed to bring an extra tactile and functional joy to your Traveler's Notebook adventure! Designed and made by 1.61 Soft Goods in collaboration with Baum-kuchen using high quality leather, we made sure that [Essential] works seamlessly with your Traveler's Notebook or by itself. It's an item that is absolutely necessary to keep you organized so you can focus on your journey:)  

The left panel of the [Essential] is a large pocket with 3 slits on the leather where you can insert your credit cards, business cards, etc. It can hold your credit cards, cash, checkbooks, etc... acting as a very convenient wallet. The right panel is a sturdy zipper pouch for passport, pens and pencils and other loose items that need a secure closure. 

[Essential] is made one at a time with a lot of love by 1.61 Soft Goods locally in downtown Los Angles. We consciously choose the high quality production process in order to create an artifact that can last as long as your Traveler's Notebook. Since it is handmade individually, each [Essential] is a truly unique artifact. 

[Essential] can be used with your Traveler's Notebook... or by itself when you want to be lightweight without notebooks. A black or white zipper strap with a brass zipper hardware gives a great contrast to black leather. 

Bon Voyage! 

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Material: leather, brass zipper

Designed and Made by: 1.61 in collaboration with Baum-kuchen

Made In: Los Angeles


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