Dimensional Leather Pouch


Dimensional Leather Pouch combines function and beauty in a lovely balance. It is designed, cut, stitched and finished with much love and care by 1.61 Soft Goods in Downtown Los Angeles. Made from a single piece of high quality leather, a leather strap and a solid copper hardware for strap attachment, its construction is minimalistic yet clever. It is designed so that it creates the maximum volume inside without sacrificing the beauty in simplicity. 

The TN size accommodates a regular size Travelers' Notebook as well as few of your essentials (wallet, phone, keys??). You can carry the leather case by itself or use it as an organizer in a large bag to keep small items in place making it a perfect "a bag in a bag"! 

I hope you enjoy using your Dimensional Leather Pouch in everyday life making it truly yours. 

**You might also enjoy Dimensional Leather Pouch in Passport Size!

Dimension: 5.75"x11"x1.5"

Designed and Made by: 1.61 Soft Goods in Los Angeles Downtown

Condition: New

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