Come home! Vol. 34 [Maximize awkward spaces in your home]



Come home! is a Japanese lifestyle magazine full of beautiful visuals and stories that inspire everyday lifestyle. Its simple, natural and inviting aesthetics can be a source of inspiration to many different interior/fashion styles as well as craft ideas.  

Vol. 34 brings a house full of inspiration for turning awkward spaces into special corners. This issue is especially close to our heart since we live in a house built in 1942 and our home is a classic example of these small nooks and left over spaces that made sense 70+ years ago... but no longer useful for original purposes as we fill our house with two little ones. 

I am certain that you will find a lot of useful inspiration that spark new ideas for next mini remake for your house...

Here is a list of contents from this issue!
  • "Troubled space" as a source of inspiration!
  • Maximize the space using doors and windows as a place for display.  
  • Japanese room (with tatami mat!) with natural interior
  • Turning a bedroom into a secret backstage for mom!
  • DIY: double duty furniture
  • NY & Brooklyn DIY interior

This issue comes with an original Come home! notebook.

** There are many pages full of visual narratives in this magazine. However most of texts are written in Japanese.


Dimension: W 8.5" x H 11.25" Total 102 pages

Published In: Japan

Condition: New

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