Come home! Vol. 31 [DIY. Love your house!]



Come home! is a Japanese lifestyle magazine full of beautiful visuals and stories that inspire everyday lifestyle. Its simple, natural and inviting aesthetics can be a source of inspiration to many different interior/fashion styles as well as craft ideas.  
Vol. 31 focuses on DIY home renovation ideas. There are plenty of DIY inspirational ideas that you can easily apply to your house using readily available materials and your imagination. New era of DIY is a ticket to creative families to make the dream home come true.
Here is a list of contents from this issue!
  • DIY. Love your house!
  • How far you can do by yourself to renovate your house.
  • Retro & stylish interior using paint techniques.
  • Build a small furniture using easily found wood craft materials.
  • Natural reform using wall paper
  • Ideas for handmade kids' room
  • Make a space using hallways and staircases.
** There are many pages full of visual narratives in this magazine. However most of texts are written in Japanese.


Dimension: W 8.5" x H 11.25" Total 102 pages

Published In: Japan

Condition: New

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