Come home! Vol. 41 [Live with less]


Come home! is a Japanese lifestyle magazine full of beautiful visuals and stories that inspire everyday. Its simple, natural and inviting aesthetics can be a source of inspiration to many different interior/fashion styles as well as craft ideas.  

Vol. 41 focuses on how to live with less. This issue is particularly resonating because we try to stay very conscious with artifacts we surround ourselves at our Baum-kuchen home and having less has been our motto to ensure that we focus on our connection and relationship we build together instead of consuming more as a family. 

Here are few inspiring topics covered in this issue. 

  • Streamline your house and live with less
  • Transform your kitchen by going on "storage diet" 
  • DIY stylish and functional storage ideas
  • Fun and clutter free kid's space
  • Closet with less

** There are many pages full of visual narratives in this magazine. However most of texts are written in Japanese. 

Dimension: W 8.5" x H 11.25" Total 102 pages

Published In: Japan

Condition: New

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