Come home magazine / Vol. 42 [Kitchen as a heart of home]


Come home! is a Japanese lifestyle magazine full of beautiful visuals and stories that inspire everyday lifestyle. Its simple, natural and inviting aesthetics can be a source of inspiration to many different interior/fashion styles as well as craft ideas.  

Vol. 42 focuses everything around kitchen! Kitchen is where our heart belongs. Where nurturing and caring happens. Where it brings the memory of your mother cooking for the family. A cockpit of the home. The issue is a full of ideas about how to make your kitchen unique, functional and beautiful for you and your family.

This issue comes with Come Home original "Vintage Paper Sheet" you can use.

Here are few inspiring topics covered in this issue. 

  • Customizing your kitchen
  • Aprons for kitchen
  • Kitchen renovation
  • DIY kitchen storage

** There are many pages full of visual narratives in this magazine. However most of texts are written in Japanese. 

Dimension: W 8.5" x H 11.25" Total 102 pages

Published In: Japan

Condition: New

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