BRASS Book Darts



BRASS Book Darts are handy bookmarks that point to the most important content on a page. The clip is easy to slip on/off from the page and because of its slim proportion, you can put as many Book Darts as you need on one book without making the pages bulky.

It's great for tagging a memo on a sketchbook, remembering the page on a recipe book... or mark important locations on your guidebook! Keep a few in your Traveler's Notebook Zipper Case and you will never leave your thoughts behind!

Each can contains 50 Book Darts and is accompanied with Baum-Kuchen original lid label, "get inspired", "begin your journey", "pin your dreams" and "mark your journey".  Each Book Dart is made of solid brass and it looks more beautiful as it gets used over time.

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Materials: Solid Brass

Dimension: 1" long

Designed and Made By: Book Darts in Portland, U.S.A.

Condition: New

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