[BKxTSL Brass Plate] BK // WITH YOU

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We are delighted to share our third TSL x BK Brass Plate. This year, we have added “BK” and “WITH  YOU” to celebrate BK’s special birthday. Though it is small, this brass plate represents the unique quality all TSL artifacts seem to possess; humanness and craftsmanship. Each letter on the plate is hand embossed one at a time. Once all the embossing is complete, the brass plate is put in a mold and hand-hammered to transform into a slightly curved shape. That is a true labor of love.

You can hand sew your brass plate to your favorite bag, pouch, or jacket using your sewing kit at home. 

If you are interested in adding Brass Plate to your Traveler's Notebook, please send us an email for inquiry. 

Material: Brass 

You may notice a darkening or spots on the brass. This is not considered a defect but an organic characteristic that will develop a unique patina due to the natural aging process of brass.

Dimension:  L 1" x W 0.8"

Made By: The Superior Labor  in Okayama, Japan

Condition: New