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This notebook was created to be a reminder to appreciate the beauty of life's gentle fleeting moments. Inspired by the dreamy falling petals on cherry blossoms, witness the magic of the petals dance and make their journey across each page as you spend time creating or journaling. The semi-transparent illusion produces a lovely effect on each page as the colors or text you lay down to become a part of the next, telling your unique story. 

Due to the nature of the vellum paper and its thickness, the pages that are close to the middle can lift off from the binding staple.

We love to use the Uni-ball ONE pens on this notebook as they produce bold, rich colors without smearing and very fast drying time! You can enjoy them in singles or as a set!

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- Pages: 48 pages
- Paper: 30.0 lb Reich CT Translucent Vellum
- Writing Utensil Compatibility: We have tested a wide range of writing mediums from gel pen, ballpoint pen, pencil, pigment ink, and fountain pens. We have found all of them to be compatible when allowing for drying time (Drying time will vary depending on ink formulation). Rubber stamp ink also works beautifully as long as there is sufficient time to dry after stamping. It also takes watercolor well with slight wrinkling when dry. 

Designed by: Baum-kuchen

Printed in: California

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